Youth to rally for 'truly regional' RTA

DETROIT—Now that a Regional Transit Authority legislation has passed and the formal board is being formed, young adults in both Detroit and its suburbs are coming together to make it known that cooperation and collaboration are key to making the most of the RTA.

The Metro Coalition of Congregations tells us in a press release that they want a truly regional RTA that doesn't recognize divisions created by municipal boundaries and that makes it easy for residents to get around.

To drive home that message to politiciansand the public, the MCC, through their Young Adult Caucus, is holding a rally and concert on Detroit’s northern border in an effort to decrease the barriers between Detroit and its surrounding communities.

"We were excited to see the passage of the RTA, but we need to be sure that the authority is effective and efficient,” said Crystal Balogh Chairwoman of the MCC Young Adult Caucus and Hazel Park resident. “The authority must create a regional transit system that truly brings communities together, and makes it easier for young adults like myself to get to and from work or wherever they want to go for recreation. If this doesn't happen, the brain drain of talented young adults leaving Michigan will only continue."

Attend the Rally and Concert

Who: Free and open to the public. Performances by Red Pill and Hir-O

Where: 8 Mile Rd. bridge over Woodward Avenue

When: From 3 - 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 5.

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What do you hope the RTA keeps in mind as they move forward with planning and implementation? Share in the comments below.


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