Funding The Future: State Transportation Funding Proposals

Source: Reconnecting America

Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on Reconnecting America and is reposted with permission.

Transportation for America will host a special online presentation Thursday, May 16, to get the inside scoop on state transportation funding proposals from the people making these changes happen.

The panel will feature:

  • Washington State Representative Marko Liias, vice chair of the Transportation Committee
  • Dru Schmidt-Perkins, executive director, 1000 Friends of Maryland
  • Jaime Rall, transportation senior policy specialist, National Conference of State Legislators
  • James Corless, director, Transportation for America

With federal transportation funding holding flat yet facing a cliff in 2014, states are stepping out with their own plans to fund critical repair needs and make investments in new infrastructure. This year, nearly twenty states have already passed or are currently debating new transportation revenue plans.

Join this special online presentation to learn how states are leading the way in funding transportation.

This webinar will offer information for civic leaders, state officials and legislators looking to boost support for transportation funding in their states. Please pass the invitation on to your allies in state government.


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