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Canadian-born entrepreneur building bicycles in Detroit

One entrepreneur in the city of Detroit, among countless, really understands the need for weaning ourselves off the reliance of fossil fuels and mega-corps for the sake of accessible transportation and social equity. The inspiration and opportunity he saw in the city he says is what made him want to make Detroit his home base for hand-built bicycles, aptly called Detroit Bikes.

Canadian-born Zak Pashak, who moved here from Calgary last year, has brought his skills and passion for bicycles into the city, thereby adding at least one more nail in the coffin for our Motor City moniker. He has been building prototypes of three-speed commuter bikes and hopes to eventually put them on the market for Detroit's masses. He says he'd like to build 100 bikes a day.

Ambitious? Yes. Silly? Heck, no!

What's interesting is that Pashak sees a future in cycling in Detroit, enough so that he's willing to invest a really pretty penny in getting his business rolling. Oh, and who does he want to hire? No one else but Detroiters, of course.

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