Community essays: What makes your community livable?

Defining just what makes a community livable is no easy task. We can’t settle on just one definition, but we know it runs the gamut of issues, from access to alternative transportation and green spaces, to street design, access to healthy food and recreation, proximity to local business, healthy neighborhoods, and so much more.

We want to know what you, the residents of southeast Michigan, think about the communities in which you live, work and play.

Is your community livable? Why or why not? Tell us how you define livable, what works in your community, and what you’d like to see change, in 400 words or less.

We’ll collect your stories and publish a new one each week starting in the new year.


Submit your essay and contact informaiton to editor@wearemodeshift.org. We'll keep your info safe, and credit you with your story.

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