About Mode Shift

Mode Shift demystifies, encourages and enables the understanding of what it takes to build an active and healthy community and empowers people to take action, participate and make change.

Our Vision

In a grow-together-or-grow-apart world, we’re growing apart. And it’s not sustainable. For our health, for our planet, for our economy. We need a Mode Shift. A shift in our thinking. A shift that points us back towards connecting to the things that we care about. To nature, to our health and well being, to each other.

Welcome to Mode Shift: Move Together - a living, breathing online hub that both captures and accelerates quality of place choices that foster community connectedness throughout Michigan.

Are we talking about shifting your mode of transportation? In large part, yes. How we get around, after all –– whether by bike, car, foot or skateboard –– tells us a lot about how connected we are. But it’s grander than that. It’s about thoughtfully building a sense of place that values bumping into your neighbor over convenience, healthy legs over a hefty stomach, green parks over grey parking lots.

In the end, all things point to a connected place as the kind of place people want to be, so you can throw in a healthy economy, too.

News and Resources for Our Community

Powered by the Michigan Fitness Foundation, Mode Shift is the online hub for all things transportation in Michigan. We provide valuable news and information on topics ranging from urban planning and public health, to street design, biking safety, social equality issues, and transportation legislation to:

  • increase awareness about transportation issues and their impact on quality of life in the region
  • give readers an opportunity to directly connect with each other and take specific actions to impact the communities in which they live, and
  • advocate for the inclusion of biking as transportation in the hearts and minds of transportation planners, city governments, and the public, who are redeveloping the region's infrastructure to meet our transportation needs.

We feature stories by our own team of journalists, from local bloggers and media partnerships, such as with the Huffington Post Detroit, and we syndicate content from across networks with our shared vision. These include the Sustainable Cities Collective and Streetsblog Network, among others.

We are constantly working to strengthen our connection with members of the community to ensure we are giving them the information they need, and to be sure we are helping make a positive impact in the region. We do this by:

  • developing partnerships with local organizations
  • sharing our stories across social networks
  • taking regular polls of our readers
  • hosting community events, and
  • promoting the great work the community is doing to further access to transportation in the region.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, sign up for our monthly newsletter for a digest of the week's top stories, or you can check back for weekly stories directly on our website.

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