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Zombie World: Detroit's next Boblo Island?

OPINION—Ever wish you could be a part of something very unique? Ever want to be a part of something 'transformative and truly spectacular,' all while 'maybe' including community organizations?

Finally, ever wish you could be a part of a "real zombie apocalypse?" Well it's a good thing you live in Detroit because one of its derelict neighborhoods could become the epicenter of the city's very own zombie playland, where you can run for your life and meet new people, all at the same time.

Before you start rolling your eyes, let's think about the economic and social benefits Z World Detroit might bring to the city.

1. Economic Diversity. With the auto industry barely on the rise, a zombie theme park could spark an entire new industry for the city of Detroit. While we're at it, we could build a Jurassic Park-style amusement zone adjacent to Z World, or maybe renovate one of the abandoned factories into a replica of what it's like to work on the assembly line. Maybe we could get John Hantz on board to let spectators pay admission to help spray pesticides on crops while working long hours behind razor wire fences. Fun! Well, maybe not the last one — there hasn't been a movie depicting that work as fun or romantic — yet.

2. Jobs. Do you know how stoked Detroiters would be to stay up all night running this park? It's like working at the casino but trading the benefits with good ol' fashioned fresh air! Just don't step on a syringe!

3. Visibility. Fans of this zombie wonderland could go home to mom and dad in Farmington Hills after a night of terror in the city and tell them how much fun they had! Maybe mom and dad will rethink their prejudices against this city and give Z World a shot as well!

Consider that Boblo Island was a success and remained competitive until owners could no longer keep up with Cedar Point in terms of building thrilling rides and having land on which the theme park could expand. Not to mention, the island starting losing admissions when gang violence became quite the norm in the early '90s. Z World Detroit could be the city's ticket to a lofty and feasible comeback, a Boblo Island 2.0.

Who needs urban agriculture and a DIY attitude towards the city's reconstruction when you could just get drunk and act like a zombie with all of your friends, every night? We could even be pioneers in the zombie theme park business — and just think about all that vacant land we can expand into. All this talk about looking for new opportunity — this is the tax-generating and placemaking solution we've been seeking all along.

It takes real vision to be able to see Detroit's ruins and abandoned homes for what they really are — an opportunity for success — Zombie Success. So hop onto Indiegogo and help these visionaries reach their $145,000 goal — you could be frothing at the mouth and further ruining one of the city's neighborhoods in no time.

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