The Art of Carrying Things by Bike

This story originally appeared in Communte by Bike and is written by Ted Johnson.

And I thought Streetfilms had a monopoly of making slick videos about urban cycling.

‘The Art of Carrying Things by Bike‘ by Laura J. Lukitsch, is a “a nice montage of some San Francisco’s iconic bike routes and destinations, including the Wiggle, Ferry Building and Market Street.”

I watched this video like a birdwatcher frantically scribbling in my birder checklist.

Look! A Burley Travoy!

Look! Ortlieb Back Roller Classic panniers!

As a public service, here are some resources to bridge the gap between the “how to” of this video and the “where to get it” question that the film leaves unanswered. (And by “public service” I mean, “excuse to link to these products.”)

Although the Burley Travoy is my personal favorite commuter trailer, here are some more bike cargo trailers.

An alternative to a front basket is a handlebar bag that snaps off easily so you can carry it with you, but usually you sacrifice some carrying capacity. Backpack Pannier(?)

Is that a backpack-pannier she deftly removes from her rear rack and hangs on her shoulder? It’s hard to tell; I don’t recognize that model. But most commuter panniers do have a shoulder strap option. Bike Backpack

That’s definitely a bike backpack — no pannier business about it. Even seems to have a helmet strap on it. Messenger Bag

What video on urban cycling would be complete without a shirtless dude carrying a messenger bag? Cargo Bike fitted with an Xtracycle FreeRadical kit and bags

And this is where “The Art of Carrying Things…” gets serious: An Xtracycle setup. If the video hadn’t included a cargo bike, I wouldn’t have taken it seriously. Panniers

Not just panniers, but Ortlieb Back Roller Classic panniers. And these look like they’ve seen some use. Ask this guy to tell you about his tour across Asia, and be prepared for an earful. Schwinn Cycle Truck

How is it possible I’ve never seen a Schwinn Cycle Truck before? They’re no longer in production, but there’s one on eBay right now with the basket and everything. Just remember who is your best bike blogger friend, okay? Bike Blender

The video ends (somewhat strangely) with this shot of a Rock the Bike Fender Blender. Not exactly a Carrying Your Stuff 101 accessory, but I knew right away what it was.

There’s even a version of this blender for Xtracycle cargo bikes. I’ve researched this device because I fantasize about making my step kids power their own damn smoothies and wash the pitcher when they’re done. (I know, Honey. It’s never going to happen.)

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