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Mayor Bing Announces Brewster-Douglass Demolition

DETROIT — Detroit Mayor Dave Bing announced Nov. 15 the Brewster-Douglass housing complex on the city's east side will be demolished.

The abandoned housing will start being demolished next summer and will make way for a connecting portion of the Dequindre Cut pedestrian and bicycle path. Bing said it will take one year to complete.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's awarded the Detroit Housing Commission $6.5 million for the demolition from HUD's Emergency Grant Program.

The housing project was finished in 1955 and housed up to 10,000 people when it was at capacity. It was also the largest residential housing project owned by the city of Detroit.

After the demolition, there will be a swath of 18 open acres on Detroit's east side, which Bing says will make way for new developments.

The housing complex has been closed since 2008.

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