DPS 2012 Grads Score More Than $106 Million In Scholarships And Grants For College

DETROIT—Detroit Public Schools’ graduating class of 2012 earned more than $106 million in scholarships and grants for college, up from $77.4 million for the 2010-11 school year, according to a report released June 18.

“Detroit has thousands of students who are excelling and many more who have graduated, gone on to college and become leaders in their respective fields and industries, and in their communities,” DPS Emergency Manager Roy Roberts said. “This should serve as an inspiration to our young people and all those adults who taught and assisted them along the way, and encouragement to those adults to create opportunities for even more students in the future.”

The scholarships and grants totals come from more than 4,100 graduates across 24 schools, including Second Chance programs.

Schools amassing the top amounts in scholarships and grants include: Cass Technical High School with $29.6 million; Renaissance High School with $16.8 million; and Western International with $14.3 million; and Detroit of School Arts with $11.5 million.

The totals across the district include $68.3 million in scholarships, including more than $11 million for athletics. Students gained $38.2 million in grants. This is a more than 33 percent increase in the amount earned by students in 2011.

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