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Jessica Soulliere is the founding editor of Mode Shift: Move Together, and a communications officer for the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. Aside from writing and a passion for all things digital, she's a bike commuter, director of Detroit Women Bike, and an avid organic gardener with aspirations of running her own organic farm some day.

Growing up in southeast Michigan, she's always had a love for Detroit and a keen interest in its revitalization, with special attention to public health issues and promoting the physical and mental well being for all.

Why Cyclists Get Hit

Drew Knox believes "inattention blindness" is a major reason why cyclists get hit by cars, and suggests ways to protect against it. *Blast from the Past* Originally published July 13th, 2013.


Enrique Peñalosa, world-renowned urbanist and transportation advocate is coming to Detroit Wednesday, Aug. 20. Get your tickets now.

4 Ways Protected Bike Lanes Help Local Business

The Green Lane Project lends perspective as to how protected bike lanes are not signs of prosperity or luxury in cities, but can be part of the path to prosperity.

Tackling Detroit’s Lighting Problem With Public Art

An enterprising non-profit legal consulting firm is developing a plan to help Detroit solve some of its on-street lighting problems through art.

Detroit needs to ban parking in bike lanes

A recent chat with the Municipal Parking Division reveals no protection against parking in bike lanes

Slow Roll virgin

Mode Shift Editor, Jessica Soulliere, takes off on a slow roll, gains new perspective on the city, community

Did you take the Bike to Work Week Pledge?

Download and post our Bike to Work Week badge to show your support!

Reallocating Space Away from the Car

Cities need to redefine their relationship with the car – shaping cars and driver behaviour to suit cities, not cities to suit cars. This doesn’t mean banning cars outright, but rather reminding people that when they drive into the city they and their car enter it as guests.

Statewide Recreation Plan Unveiled

Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan provides strategic direction about how to make the most of Michigan's outdoor recreation opportunities

Re-engineering physical activity back into our lives

The walkability factor of a neighborhood is the strongest indicator of quality of life. Watch this video to understand how it impacts you.