Take Action

What we hope you do with the tools we have provided to you and why:

Create a group – Interested in a specific topic or concept? Find others who share your passion and create groups with them. By creating groups, people can share ideas and events more efficiently and with more likelihood of making progress. Create a group, then create your first event!

Create an event – Mode Shift: Move Together is southeast Michigan’s news hub for all events, people and development. Help make [y]our community more robust by posting your events and happenings to our events calendar. Let’s get as many people as possible on the same page.

Submit a story – Do you have a story or scoop of your own you would like to write about and share? Go ahead and submit it! Write narratives on the state of walk and bikeability in your communities and glean ideas from others through discussion in your stories for thoughtful solutions. Tell us about your experience on a trail, riding at night on your streets, an adept or inept legislator or organization touting or blocking policy regarding transportation alternatives. Submit photos, too!

Got some information but not the best writer? No problem. E-mail us and pitch a story or share your ideas and information - we'll take care of the rest.