The resources on Mode Shift: Move Together have been carefully curated to provide all the tools and information you need to make change and nothing you don’t. The listed resources below have proved to be the most reliable and relevant on the web when it comes to livable communities and placemaking. The resources are sourced from local, statewide and national organizations and each one serves its own purpose with regards to its presence on Mode Shift: Move Together.

Community Advocacy and Information

Community Advocacy resources are intended to help users find the organizations and people in their communities who are working towards making a difference and pushing progressive policies that will shape the next 20 years of Michigan and Detroit.


Educational resources are intended to inform readers and users about things like complete streets, non-motorized master plans, livable communities and the components that make a places bikeable and walkable and just downright more livable.

Legal and Policy

Legal resources are provided so users can research policies and laws in their communities. These resources look to provide users with advice and formal procedure for addressing problems and dealing with your elected representatives and government officials and other stubborn policy makers.

Glossary of Terms