How To Use This Site


How To Use This Site

Mode Shift: Move Together seeks to provide you, the user, the tools and resources you need to affect change in your communities throughout southeast Michigan. We're not quite Facebook or Twitter, and we're not quite your local community newspaper or online magazine, but rather a curious combination of both that helps you connect to one another and spread the news and information that are vital to your empowerment and ability to take action.

Register and Create a Profile:

Get more out of and make your committment to furthering transportation alternatives and placemaking in Michigan by registering and creating a profile: you can flag events you want to attend, create groups, submit stories and photos and keep track of what articles mean the most to you. Subscribe to Mode Shift: Move Together's newsletter and get a recap of the week's stories and events and what might be going on nationally with regards to urban development. Makes some friends! Together you can accomplish anything.

Write and Submit Articles and Stories: 

Because we want to Move Together, we want our community to be participatory and take action in their own neighborhoods and cities. By writing and submitting stories you can inform friends and family and inspire others to care. Whether it be your experience at a Critical Mass ride, Parking Day or a local transportation or complete streets meeting, you should write about topics and ideas relevant to you and the place you live and submit them for others to read and share.

Submit Photos:

Supplement your articles and stories with photos! You can post and share photos on your user profile, in our public gallery (coming soon!) or to other users' profiles.

If you have a camera with GPS and geotracking for photos, you'll be able to submit photos and location coordinates will automatically be added (coming soon!). If you don't have one of those fancy cameras, you can simple upload and choose a location later. Some photos may also be available for purchase as well. For more information about purchasing photos contact us using our contact submission form.

Promote Your Content:

When you register with, you can share your stories and photos with your friends and others you meet along the way. Whether it be DDOT employee or your city’s urban planner, you can trade, save and post stories you write and find about many topics from Safe Routes to Schools to the economic benefits of smart growth. Through the content you, others and Mode Shift: Move Together provide to you, you can educate yourself and others and start submitting and distributing stories about and in your community.

Create Groups:

Feeling fiery about a particular issue in your neighborhood? Start a group! Find neighbors and people around you to gather online and in your communities and start talking about and solving problems. In a group you can post messages, organize meet-ups, create petitions and group events, all of which you can promote to other neighborhoods and cities, potentially even creating multi-city initiatives! Groups can help you promote your stories and ideas, and in turn, the more a group promotes and shares, the more visible they become to other users and groups.

Create Events:

As soon as you register on you'll be able to start uploading and sharing stories and photos and you can list and create events on our calendar. These events can include board meetings, group bicycle rides and walks, rallies, hearings, or events you create for your neighborhood - anything you feel is worthwhile to your friends and followers.