Community Guidelines


Community Guidelines

Mode Shift: Move Together seeks to inform and engage Michigan residents about the benefits of having more bikeable, walkable and livable communities. This site is designed not only to inform you – our readers – it also provides a range of tools and resources for you to directly engage with each other and take specific actions to impact the communities in which you live. These resources include:

  • Online commenting
  • User profiles
  • User blogs and internal messaging
  • Photo upload capabilities
  • The ability to create and promote events
  • The ability to create and promote groups
  • The ability to create and promote petitions and e-mail campaigns
  • Social sharing tools

Through this site, we hope to spark conversations and inspire those who are already involved to share their knowledge, while learning from the experiences of others. To that end, we ask that visitors and members of this site follow a few simple rules. All content posted by site visitors and members will be reviewed within 48 hours according to the following guidelines:

  1. Play nice. Personal attacks against others will not be tolerated and will be deleted. While we encourage heated debate, the use of profanity, racial slurs, and other abusive language will not be tolerated. All comments are reviewed by site administrators and will be deleted if found in violation of this policy.
  2. Protect yourself. While we respect your right to share information about yourself, we strongly discourage users from publishing personal information about themselves such as phone numbers, e-mail and home addresses.
  3. Stay on topic. While we understand that conversations may take a natural course, please do your best to stay on topic to keep the conversation moving in a productive and constructive fashion.
  4. Do not solicit. Please keep your posts on topic and relevant to the site content and its visitors. Any posts, comments, blogs, images, links, videos or other digital content created by a user for the purpose of selling products or services, other than creating a business profile as permitted by the site terms & conditions is prohibited. Such content and users will be deleted by site administrators when found.
  5. No stealing. While we love sharing information and knowledge, please do not take credit for other people’s work. Plagiarized or otherwise copyright-infringed material – and the user profiles associated with such content – will be deleted when found.
  6. Share. Whether in comments, posts or across your social networks, we encourage you to share stories or corrections, ideas, comments, links to useful information, photos and more.
  7. Tell us when you have concerns. If you find content that’s offensive, need help, have feedback or would like to share your opinion with site administrators, please let us know immediately via the Contact Us form.