The sport looked as though its days were numbered, but many around Michigan are proving it's simply not true


Six Ways to Love Winter

Whatever happened to Rollerblading? Could it make a comeback?

Sandra Svoboda waxes poetic about the days of spandex and 'blades, but hopes to see a wholesome comeback to inline skating in Detroit.

Equity in the Food System

Will you vote SMART?

On August 5, Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb County voters will decide whether to increase the suburban bus system millage from 0.59 to 1 mill — the first increase since 2002.

Winter Riding: The Key is What You Wear

A common mistake for new cyclists is to wear too much or not the right gear when they hit the winter roads. Here are some tips for what - and what not - to wear to keep you winter warriors warm, comfortable and safe out on the roads.

West Chicago Street Bike Lane

The West Chicago Street Bike Lane runs from the Southfield Freeway to the Jeffries Freeway in Detroit.

Birmingham Goes Multimodal

Birmingham has given a thumbs up to a new multimodal transportation plan that promotes improved infrastructure for bicyclists, pedestrians and other road users.

The Surprising ROI of Trails

Investing in trails is good for communities, individuals, AND businesses. Here's why.


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